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Turmeric, goats milk and shea butter soap

Turmeric, goats milk and shea butter soap

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Turmeric Goat Milk Soap is a pale yellow bar and is an unscented soap. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components giving it many benefits. Some benefits include controlling psoriasis and eczema flare-ups, reducing scarring, and bringing out your skin's natural glow.

Turmeric helps brighten skin and the appearance of uneven tone, leaving you with clearer skin. Your skin wounds may heal a lot quicker when you wash with turmeric soap. The anti-inflammatory properties decrease the skin's inflammation; and speed up the skin's ability to form new tissue.

The fatty content of the soap helps seal in your skins' moisture - leaving your skin softer and smoother for longer. Goat milk soap deeply hydrates your skin on multiple levels and won't dry it out like commercially available soaps. This is important because moisture helps keep your skin healthy.

There are many people that have used goat milk soap to soothe the symptoms of a yeast infection located in genital regions and skin folds. Since goat milk is packed with vitamins, fatty acids, and protein, it can help moisturize the skin and nourish it which in turn could help with itching, burning, and swelling.

Shea butter is suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive, and oily skin. It can help to balance the skin's natural oils and hydrate dry skin without clogging pores. However, if you have particularly sensitive skin, it is recommended to patch test the product before using it on your face

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