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Burdock root capsules

Burdock root capsules

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If you're into root veggies like carrots or turnips, you'll love burdock root.

A staple of many Asian kitchens for thousands of years, burdock root, is also chockful of medicinal qualities especially ones for lymph detox. It's a great detoxifier that, as a diuretic, flushes toxins out of your body (16)

Besides being a superb antioxidant and antibacterial, burdock root traditionally has been known to offer therapeutic benefits in the case of:

High blood pressure
Hepatitis and other liver diseases
Helping support blood sugar
For your lymph detox, include burdock root to relieve any spleen and tonsil swelling or infection. In other words, burdock root recharges your lymph organs.
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